Paris-based communications studio Superbien specializes in creating spectacular visual and interactive experiences.

Adopting its own distinctive artistic approach to deliver an experience that is as much intense as it is unique, the Superbien team call on creativity, cutting-edge technology and innovation to convey a message inspired by sensation and emotion.

The studio views itself as the bond between reality, emotions, the sensory and the audience, instilling movement into forms and colours to unveil a story or a concept. Working with the visual and the creative, Superbien provides full service — from artistic direction, animated content creation and supervision of diffusion through to storytelling, scenography and staging of images.

An endless source of innovation, Superbien prides itself on exploring and mastering the latest interactive technologies, such as virtual reality or real-time motion capture. Whether it be for a corporate event, a brand experience or purely entertainment, Superbien seeks to create a magical instant, as much spectacular as quite simply unforgettable.


14 rue Crespin du Gast
75011 Paris
01 48 78 81 49