Life Changer Park

There wasn’t just ice-skating at the “Grand Palais des Glaces”!
Rediscover the 9 attractions of Samsung’s Life Changer Park, the largest virtual reality park in the world, where 209,000 visitors experienced real sensations, taking part in freeride skiing, mountain biking, gigantic roller-coasters and much more !
To have a life-size overview of these attractions, Magic Garden chose Superbien to design an immersive and sensational videomapping project in the heart of the Grand Palais’ nave.
Want to relive the adventure?

Client : Samsung
Agencies : Magic Garden & Cheil France
Conception and creation of videomapping contents : Superbien
Technical means : Magnum
Video capture and editing : Victor Gounon
Music : Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory - Particle