Show Hello 2014

Orange’s annual show is the perfect opportunity to offer viewers a unique display of technological and artistic performances, starting with mobile LED walls on the stage of the historical Théatre de Chaillot. Superbien created images and videos to emphasize Orange’s innovations using modern designs inspired by the brand’s new graphic charter, integrated to a 45 minute film produced by Fighting Fish and directed by Thibault Castan. For the closing, Superbien and Digital Slaves created a show with two dancers, each carrying 30 motion capture sensors animating in real time projected images on multiple screens, accentuating Orange’s technological and innovative spirit.

Agency : Havas Event & Havas Worldwide Paris
Creative Director : Frédéric Bault
Staging : Frederic Bault & Sabri Tekaïa
Stage Design : Sabri Tekaïa
Art Direction & Motion Graphics Realisation : Superbien
Filming : Thibault Castan
Production : Fighting Fish
Real Time Motion Capture : Digital Slaves
Videoprojection : ETC Audiovisuel
Music : StartRec
Video Recording : Werewolf